Animal Lovers Unite

Farmers Market Finds

It’s no secret that the collective forces at Farmers Market Finds are crazy animal lovers.  Between Denise, our Sales Director and I we have a total of 8 fur babies. If we add Tracey, our staff writer to the mix we are up to 14!  By now you should have figured out that the three of us have problems saying “no”. This applies to animals, food and wine! There are worse things. I feel no shame!

Just A Few of Our Staff Members Just A Few of Our Staff Members

Needless to say, when we come across a vendor that feeds one of our addictions,we have to share them with you. So, we are super excited to announce that this weeks contest giveaway is brought to you by Farmers Market Finds vendor Pugs to Persians! This family owned business created by Kayce Bruce offers a fabulous array of handmade animal collars. Check out this video to see all…

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Sew Beautiful

Farmers Market Finds

One of the biggest problems Farmers Market Finds has visiting farmers markets and researching hand-crafters is finding a vendor that I LOVE everything they make. Usually I have the self-control to pick one thing and write down the vendor information so I can go back for more. But every now and then, it just happens…I can’t pick one thing – I try but I can’t. This quandary happened recently when I came across the hand sewn wonders at Side Stitch by Ginny. In search of a yoga mat bag, I found Ginny through Artisan Exchange in West Chester, PA. Finding her there, led me to both her Facebook and Etsy sites.

ginny yoga bag The yoga bag that started it all!

Once I found this amazing yoga bag, I had to know more about Ginny and her products. To my surprise I found out that Ginny was a soil chemist who had moved back to the…

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Blacksmithing – It’s Not Just Hooves Anymore

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers Market Finds recently came across an artisan that reminded us of our childhood attending the Gallery North Art Show. The artisan is Lance Ziegler and his amazing designs at Burnt Whisker Forge take us back to another time. I remember as a child watching in awe as a blacksmith, working with the blazing fire, fan, hammer and anvil, created horseshoes and games right before my eyes.  Burnt Whisker Forge has taken the timeless craft of blacksmithing to another level.  

Unique iron work from Burnt Whisker Forge Unique iron work from Burnt Whisker Forge

Lance, who is mostly self-taught, has learned to take hot metal and mold it into sculptures, animals and flowers using tools that he has designed and crafted. Burnt Whisker Forge creates work with such detail that it is hard to believe it was made using an anvil and hammer. Like a potter working with clay, Lance uses the raw hot metal…

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Burlington Farmers Market – A World Class Market

Farmers Market Finds

Burlington Vermont is one of Farmers Market Finds favorite northeastern cities. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain and couched within the majestic Green Mountains, Burlington offers an array of beautiful sights. Along with the beauty of the city lies the Burlington Farmers Market; a market that combines the best fresh food from surrounding areas with a world class display of artisan crafts. Garnering between 9,000 – 12,000 visitors per Saturday (yes, you read that correctly!) the market is a leading area attraction.

burl downtown The Burlington Farmers Market is located next to Church Street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare downtown.

The Burlington Farmers Market is located in the heart of downtown Burlington, right across from Church Street, downtown’s lively pedestrian shopping area. The Burlington Farmers Market is a producer only market that requires vendors to make or grow their products and also requires the actual vendor be present at each market. The…

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Happy Farmers Make Happy Farmer’s Markets

Farmers Market Finds

Did you ever notice that when you head down to your local market you find a bunch of really happy people? Markets vendors seem to feed on the joy of being in their community and offering you the food they have grown or made, or the art they have lovingly crafted. Week after week, rain or shine, the vendors at the market greet you with a smile and a warm “Good Morning!” Farmers Market Finds has come up with some tips for how you can return the favor and keep your local vendors happy. happy fmf1. Bring your own bag – while most vendors have bags, this is an extra cost that we can help keep down. Bringing your own bag is good for the environment and good for the vendors. While most vendors will provide a bag when asked, they will certainly appreciate the fact that you have your own.

2. Don’t haggle

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Capital City Public Market – Where Country Meets City

Definitely a market I want to visit

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers Market Finds has seen many little farmer’s markets evolve into a source of community pride, activity and entertainment. The Capital City Public Market in Boise, Idaho is one of those markets. From its early beginnings 22 years ago, the market has been expanded 5 times and now resides in an area of 4 city blocks in the heart of downtown Boise.

Photo taken by Capital City Farmers’s Market, Boise Idaho. Saturday mornings at “The Grove”

The market has grown from a little market to a hub of activism that cultivates a sense of community, supports the ideals of shopping local, promotes new methods of eco-friendly farming (such as hydroponic farming), and creates a space where people can be connected to the heart of all that makes Boise such a unique city. Operating 36 weeks a year, from April to December (including a fantastic Holiday Market), the market showcases up to 150 regular…

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